Don’t settle for simmering super!

Superannuation may be a long-term investment strategy but that doesn’t mean you should leave it on a mental back burner. In fact, ignoring your super leaves it at risk of stagnation when it could be cooking up a healthy retirement nest egg.

Reviewing your current super strategy doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process and it could be a great way to beef up your retirement savings.

Is your super still meeting your needs?

If it’s been a while since you began your superannuation policy, you may discover the choices you made are no longer the most appropriate. To find out, check with your fund to see how your money is being invested and compare this with what else the fund has on offer.

Every super fund has a range of investment options, including:

  1. Balanced: this option is designed to suit most people most of the time, offering above average returns with below average risk. The mix might hold 60 – 75% of its investments in shares and property with the rest in cash, bonds and fixed interest.
  2. Growth: this option offers higher average long-term returns, but with potential for more ups and downs. Losses are often higher in bad years and happen in four or five years out of 20. Growth options usually hold around 85% of funds in shares and property with the balance in cash and fixed-interest investments.
  3. Conservative: these portfolios tend to deliver lower average returns than growth options but with less risk of loss in any year. They typically hold around 70% in low-growth, low-risk cash and fixed interest deposits with the balance in shares and property.
  4. Cash investments in short-term deposits with Australian institutions: these offer relatively low, stable returns with no risk of loss. The downside is the risk that returns won’t keep pace with inflation.

When deciding what’s best, it’s important to consider your attitude to risk and how close you are to retirement. For example, if you’ve got 20 years of work left, a growth option may be more suitable for you than for someone with only a few years left until retirement. That’s because you’ll have time up your sleeve for the market to recover from any downturns.

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