How Australian’s will be spending this Christmas

🎄 Aussies will collectively spend $25 billion this Christmas – that’s an average of $1325 per person

🎄 Over half of us will have a Christmas ham – it’s our most popular Christmas food

🎄 Unlike our US cousins, turkey is our least popular choice with around 30% of households enjoying it this Christmas

🎄 Our food bill will be approx. $122 per person

🎄 Our alcohol bill will be approx. $131 per person

🎄 60% of us, don’t set a budget to control our Christmas spending

🎄 Last year, 40% of our Christmas spend was made on our credit cards

🎄 In a survey conducted in January 2018, 2/3 of respondents regretted the amount of money they spent on Christmas

🎄 1 in 5 online purchases will be made on a mobile device with our phone being the most popular device

🎄 While considered a popular choice, almost ¼ of us will receive a gift card we don’t want

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